About us

Our managerial background incorporates finance, military & civilian aviation, engineering, software development and human resources capabilities. Airborne drones appeared on the scene a few years ago and as a management team we are suitably qualified to participate and advance this exciting new field. We are passionate aviators and combine our love for aviation with our engineering and data-science skills to deliver actionable data to our clients.

Our current clients will attest to a committed team with a can-do attitude. Our drones are on the cutting edge of what's available and our pilots are licensed by the Civilian Aviation Authority of South Africa. We work for a wide range of industries including engineering, surveying, agriculture and insurance. Have a look at our social media pages at the bottom of this page for examples of the work we do. No matter the task, we will be able to execute.

How we work


We prefer long term relationships based on mutual benefit. The first step therefor is an analyses of your needs and how we can be of service. The first consultation is free of charge and after that at our agreed rate. The professional work we do is normally charged at an hourly rate, but retainer- or project-type deals can also be done.


Once we've done our planning, contracting is the next step. During this phase we agree timelines, who does what, and become very specific about action items. With all permissions in hand we execute the flights and gather data. With licensed pilots and committed agents you can rest assured that work will be performed within our standard operating procedures.


Detailed planning is required, especially in controlled airspace, and flights are executed within the legal framework. Delivery of processed data is done as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours after flights, and delivered in your chosen format. Data is made available online, unless otherwise agreed, as this makes for a quick and seamless workflow.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.