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Our managerial background incorporates finance, military & civilian aviation, engineering, software development and human resources capabilities. Airborne drones appeared on the scene a few years ago and as a management team we are suitably qualified to participate in and advance this exciting new field. Our clients will attest to a committed, quality, hands on team with a can-do attitude. Our drones are on the cutting edge of what's available and our pilots are not only licensed by the SACAA, but also highly trained.
We deliver drone survey and drone inspection work for a wide range of industries including surveying, general insurance and agriculture.

How we help you


Traditionally, risk managers used old school methods at underwriting stage to understand and measure the likelihood and severity of a particular risk occurring. Now imagine enhancing those processes with an aerial site model of the premises which captures every viewpoint, feature, and safety hazard through an objective and unbiased lens. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your insurance claims processing by quantifying areas of total loss after loss events.


Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by adding aerial data to your ground data to perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document your job sites. Aerial drone technology enables you to capture data and create a digital twin of your job site and in-depth analysis, projects run on time, on budget, and safely and to pin point accuracy depending on your requirements.


Aerial crop analysis and digital farming. We produce crop health maps for faster decision making and action for your fields and crops at any critical stage regardless of satellite availability and cloud cover. Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round to enhance your agriculture workflow. Orthomosaic, Field boundaries, Vegetation Index Maps, Digital Surface Model, Zone Map.

UAV Aerial Works Agricultural Drone Survey
UAV Aerial Works Insurance Drone Inspection
UAV Aerial Works Agriculture Drone Survey Zonation map
UAV Aerial Works Drone Inspection Thermal

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