We specialize in professional drone operations to safeguard your assets and people.

We prioritize safety and quality to ensure the success of your operations from beginning to end.

Our management team’s expertise and industry experience set us apart.



Aerial Works' Drone-Powered Defense

From strategic planning to precise implementation, our comprehensive approach provides an elevated perspective that uncovers threats even in the darkest corners. With cutting-edge thermal cameras, we offer a commanding vantage point, even in nocturnal scenarios. Our team forms a dynamic security airforce, enabling us to provide a holistic solution, covering everything you need. At Aerial Works, we are your all-inclusive partner for complete security solutions – encompassing state-of-the-art equipment, skilled pilots, expert training, flawless implementation and legal coverage through our ROC. Elevate your security strategy with our unmatched proficiency, enabling you to safeguard your interests with confidence.

Guided by Innovation

Blending Human Expertise with the Capabilities of Technology

Aerial Works Management Team

Bertus van Zyl


Strategically Leading through Skill and Experience

A dynamic professional and skilled aviator with a diverse background encompassing engineering expertise, an MBA from UCT, and extensive leadership experience. As a seasoned business leader, manned pilot, commercial drone pilot, instructor, and CAA appointed Designated RPAS Examiner (DRE), Bertus brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen to the team.

Kim James


Safeguarding our Excellence, Safety and Commitment

A dedicated HR specialist and Safety Director with a Masters degree from Middlesex University. With a strong focus on people processes and aviation safety, Kim leads our organization’s commitment to operational excellence and secure flight operations


Andre Swart


Combining Military Expertise with Aerial Excellence

A seasoned aviation expert and Director of Operations. With a distinguished background as a former Commanding Officer of 35 Squadron in the SA Air Force, and an impressive record of over 5,500 military flying hours, Andre brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the realm of drone operations and instruction

Navigating Tomorrow Where AI Propels Progress

At Aerial Works, we are at the forefront of progress, seamlessly integrating with advancements in AI and Machine Learning. Our journey is guided by a resolute commitment to staying aligned with the cutting-edge innovations that shape the future. As we move forward, our path converges towards fully autonomous flights, where our operations will seamlessly blend human expertise with the capabilities of technology. This alignment ensure that we not only embrace change but lead the way, setting new standards for efficiency, safety, and limitless potential that lies ahead.


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