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South African Civil Aviation ROC #G1321D UAV Aerial Works

Drone Services and Data Provision
for Smart Businesses.

Our mission is to deliver actionable data to our clients through the use of aerial drones. To achieve this we use mission specific drones and software systems. Our team is made up of drone pilots, engineers, software developers and data scientists. We provide regulated aerial services and deliver data outputs to improve your business processes.

Our Workflow


What is your need and how can we help?


Fly the plan. Collect the data.


Process the data to produce actionable insights.


Communicate results and iterate.


Choose us as your drone service provider.


Highly capable team with years of aviation and corporate experience.


Safety is our first priority. From planning the mission to execution, we remain safe.


We make things happen, quickly. Time is money and we save you both.

Our Leadership Team

Our post holders are highly qualified and passionate about aviation and our drone industry.

Accountable manager & Aircraft

Engineer with an MBA from UCT. Software developer and experienced business leader. Manned pilot, commercial drone pilot & instructor.

Safety & Security

HR specialist with a Masters degree from Middlesex University. KJ leads our people processes and keeps our organisation safe to fly.

Flight OPS & QA

Previous Commanding Officer of 35 Squadron in the SA Air Force and with more than 4,500 military flying hours. Drone pilot & Instructor.

Solid company, capable people.

We bring years of aviation, data analysis and technology experience to the table. Our pilots hold commercial drone licenses and we are regulated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) via our Operating Certificate (ROC).

Our drones are insured for hull and third-party liability claims.

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