Drone Professional 4 reaches Amazon #1

The much-anticipated Drone Professional 4 is now out on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

Drone Professional 4 is chock-full of valuable guidance, case studies, best practices and thought-provoking insights from individuals around the globe who have been around the proverbial block when it comes to this evolving drone industry. 

With all three publications released ultimately topping charts in their respective categories, it is no surprise the fourth instalment followed the same course as 18 industry professionals share valuable insights.

UAV Aerial Works Director Kim James contributed to the first three books and features once again in this edition. Once again, a chapter on Drone Security in South Africa.

What to expect in Drone Professional 4

James believes the collection of insights shared in the book are a must-have for anyone interested in the practical application, innovation and transformative impact of the drone industry and emerging aviation technologies.

Editor, Lousie Jupp said the latest edition boasts among others, chapters on company evolution path, business sales, growth strategies, and thought leadership for business development.

It further offers valuable information on how to easily identify and recognise suitable drone service providers and solution partners for their farming operations and AgTech service providers, adding immense value where needed. 

Additionally, it features specific applications for drones in engineering consultancy, the oil and gas industry and for mapping and measuring seagrass in the Mediterranean.

It discusses the connection between training and safe operations. DP4 also delves into the benefits of drone management and compliance software and provides a step-by-step guide for farmers in selecting beneficial AgTech solutions.  

The industry is evolving although some areas are maturing faster than others and the contributions being made by authors touch on the entire ecosystem.

This includes operators, general developments, use cases, policymakers, and regulators who speak from deep-seated experience. 

Contributors include:

Wade Hartley, Mahmood Hussein, Armando Koerig Gessinger, Henrik Luehrs, Steve Zerafa, Ken Treloar, Jasper Schmeits, Bob van der Meij, Filippo Tomasello, Lumbwe Chiwele, Nicole Jenkinson, Lucy Erasmus, Ian Kiely, Kim James, David Opateyibo, Jamie Allan, Philip Hicks, and Louise Jupp.

All four issues, Drone Professional 1,2,3 and 4 are available on Amazon.


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    Great piece Liam. Let’s get the paperbacks out there.

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