Bloemfontein Drone Specialist

Nihan Engelbrecht

082 380 4374 

From a 20 year career in game management and cattle farming in Barkley West to the world of high tech with drones. 

This is what Nihan did after a fascination of how work on the ground is made easier when combined with aviation. The only difference was that in his game management and ‘disease-free buffalo breeding project’ days, the aerial work was performed by helicopters. 

Now with the use of drones, agriculture in general is more efficient, quicker and more cost effective. Combining aerial drone technology with agricultural activities is the cutting edge work which keeps Nihan busy in the Free State these days, whilst he still gets his hands dirty on his cattle farm just outside Bloemfontein. 

Work by Drones is about data collected and how that data in interpreted and used in business processes. Whether its as simple as an analysis of cattle carrying capacity between a natural red grass area versus and adjacent planted Smutsfinger pasture or an in depth longer term study of crop yield and soil health. 

General drone services in agriculture and other industries include drone surveying and drone inspections. For more examples of how Nihan and the UAV Aerial Works team can help your business, follow us on social media or contact Nihan directly. 

As the holder of a Remote Pilots License (RPL), Nihan is trained, licensed, insured and therefore authorised by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to perform legal drone operations, working closely with the UAV Aerial Works team in Gauteng.